Police and Fire

Coleraine Police Department

302 Roosevelt, PO Box 670 • Coleraine, MN 55722
Phone: (218) 245-1056
Emergency 911

Chief of Police: Lonnie Mjolsness ~ Email Lonnie
Police Officer: Pete Hussman ~ Email Pete


Trout Lake Fire Department

10 Roosevelt Ave, PO Box 670 • Coleraine, MN 55722-0670
Phone: (218) 245-1830
Emergency 911

Chief: Lonnie Mjolsness
1st Asst. Chief: Ken Decoster
2nd Asst. Chief: Ryan Stish
1st Captain: Trevor Guyer
2nd Captain: Jeff Boyd

Fire Fighters/First Responders:
Brian Bybee
Corey Christianson
Richie Delich
Pat Dolensek
Corey Elling
Gavin Goulet
Nick Haapala
Justin Hoshal
Tyrone Hubbard
Pete Hussman
Anthony Lemming
Aaron Moren
Ashley Moran
Nick Ossefoort
Patrick O’Toole
Darryn Riendeau
Darwin Rollins
Jordan Schaefer
Kayla Schaefer
Shane Troumbly